Coffee Cream Italia

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About Coffee Cream Italia


A delicious Italian cold coffee dessert with an irresistible soft & creamy texture

The famous Italian Coffee Cream – or Crema di Caffè as Italians refer to it - is a delicious soft ice cream that is very popular across Italy, especially in summer time. It is typically served in a small glass, not much larger than an espresso cup.

While it is often shared in cafes with friends & acquaintances, it is also amazing “solo” material... In Italy, every cafe is proud to make their very own coffee cream.

Our mission at Coffee Cream Italia is to bring the best traditional Italian coffee cream flavor to the Middle East in an easy 1-2-3, and make people smile.

Know Some Facts

Coffee Cream Italia

Coffee Cream Italia is an exquisite blend of expresso, milk, italian coffee and sugar perfectly designed to give you your coffee kick with an unparalleled authentic Italian flavor. Our recipe has been passed on through generations and continuously improved to get the best consistency & flavor for the most sophisticated palates.


No Hydrogenated Fats

No Gluten

No Artificial Flavors

Skimmed Milk

Italian Coffee

Did You Know?


What makes it unique is that while it is easily prepared, the flavor transports you to any outdoors terrace in Italy in the summertime. It is simply perfect to be consumed on any occasion, anytime of the day. It is a fun dessert to be shared with family and friends!

We use top quality ingredients to offer a premium dessert. Most important, we only use the best coffee to offer a product with a strong, authentic coffee taste. Coffee Cream Italia is the perfect blend of expresso, milk, italian coffee and sugar. Absolutely no hydrogenated fats, no gluten, no artificial flavors, and no GMO ingredients are added.

Our coffee cream is magically mixed in our own spinning towers, making it constantly creamy and ice scales free. Each tower is capable of preparing perfect mixtures in a short period of time, and has an 8-liter capacity, stainless steel panels, and night switch for defrost & chill mode. The coffee cream is easily dispensed without mess or unnecessary waste.

Energy 1816 kJ 431 kcal
of which saturated
11 g
10 g
of which sugars
71 g
56 g
Proteins 10 g
Salt 0.58 g

Coffee Cream Italia is exclusively distributed in the Middle East by Memag Trading DMCC. For more information, please send an email to or call +971 4 284 0662.

Irresistibly Cold - Irresistibly Delicious - Irresistibly Soft
Irresistibly Creamy - Irresistibly Italian!

Where you can find Coffee Cream Italia


Middle East

Indigo Icon Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Europe and America

Made in Italy Exports
Via Colasanto 29 - 80029
Sant'Antimo (NA), Italy
P.IVA: 08970351212